Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Dogwoods

My beautiful, snowy, once a year dogwood trees are blooming. Oh, please come and visit. Their vanilla perfection doesn't last long enough, and you need to come see them. I'll go with you...

Then, we'll pack a perfect picnic and drive up the mountain and look at the spring beauty. You have to drive, but I'll point out all of the perfection that we need to look at. We can sit on a quilt and take two Golden Retrievers with us.

Even tiny little green frogs can be on the itinerary. I just love Spring on my mountain. Quiet, except for the beautiful birdsong. I love to sleep with my windows open so that I hear them the second I wake up.

What sounds good to eat? I'm good for anything. We'll have strawberry shortcake. Bring your camera and your sketchbook. Maybe even your knitting. We'll make a day of it. I'm looking forward to it.
Call me.

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