Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Cup Of Tea

Good morning. It's another sparkle filled morning in the Sierra! I am knitting away like mad on my Olympics project, but I thought that today I would show you a finished sweater. I wasn't able to do a lot of knitting or sewing for the last many, many months, but I did manage to complete one sweater that I think is sort of fun. It is knit with Cascade chunky yarn, and of course on large needles. Grab a cup of tea, and I'll show you...

I'm sorry to say that I don't remember the pattern that I used. It was a very simple one, and I like the shape. It's like a "swing" coat. It flares at the bottom with buttons that are off center. Sort of like me! The collar doesn't photograph well, but it fits snuggly around my neck to keep those Twain Harte snow flakes out.

My favorite part are the appliqued flowers. I'm old enough to remember the 'seventies. Do you remember how popular the Volkswagen Beetles were? Everyone had one. I didn't, but we won't go there... Anyway, if you were my age you probably had a Beetle, with these cute daisy flower decals on the trunk. I found the pattern for these in a book by Nicky Epstein.

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  1. Michelle, it's adorable. I too am knitting a sweater. i found a cute pattern and some hand-dyed yarn, red, of course at a new yarn shop in Danville. You must visit it next time in the area. It's called A Yarn Less Raveled. Hope you are feeling better.