Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Progress

Well, I'm finally participating in Summer! I can weed the vegetable garden, and water, and harvest! I've spent time sitting on my beautiful deck immersed in the pages of some great books. I was reading a lot earlier this year too, but my memory was slightly altered by medications that I was forced to take to survive the ravages of my neck injury. I'm now back to being myself, and so happy. I feel normal!

The bumblebees are very busy as well in the purple coneflowers. Buzzing from pincushion to pincushion.

The sunflowers are so joyful. Don't they just make you smile? Ours are sown from year to year by the birds, and we let them grow where they are planted. Some this year are in the middle of our pumpkin patch.

We have a very large purple coneflower patch.

We have a happy Birthday boy that turned ten yesterday. My best friend, Montana...

We have another little surprise. Come back tomorrow, and I'll give you a peek.

Oh, I almost forgot. This is mostly a blog about my sewing, quilting, and knitting. The best part of this Summer so far, is that I'm doing all of those things now! Jumping up and down!!! My fingers work. I am very excited about having my life back.

 I'm even more excited because my Grandchildren are going to be making visits soon. I can hardly wait...

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  1. Beautiful plants and quilt! I'm so jealous! Since we are in a new house, we have TONS of yardwork to do. We did put in some raised beds and have a few tomatoes. We got everything in so late. Just yesterday we got ALL of the water leaks fixed so we can start doing some planting. I think I won't be able to visit my craft room much until fall or winter :( Love your blog! Maybe some day....