Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Years Project

We usually do one remodel job a year, and this year it was a biggie. It started before Christmas, when as the song says the weather was frightful...
We replaced all of our windows and doors. Our house is almost thirty years old, and the windows were showing their age. Four of them wouldn't even open. A few others, even though double paned had broken seals, so they fogged up. Who wants fogged up windows when you live in a forest and need to see what critters are walking around outside?

So, before I have nothing to talk about but my "Wonderful Wallaby", here are some photos of the new windows and front door...

I'm obviously having photo issues again... but I'll try a few more.

So, even if we froze to death while everything was being installed, it was worth it. Now I wonder what the next years project will be? A certain someone is talking about installing a generator. It is not my idea of a fun project, but when our power goes out and I can't see well enough to quilt or knit by candle light, I'll be thankful. Have a fun day!

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