Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Shortly after I moved to the Sierra, to this quiet little town, a lovely woman, a friend of my Mom, invited me to join her quilt group. I put it off for weeks. I'm not one to go join a group of established friends. I'm too quiet and introverted. Some people may not believe this, but they can't see me on the inside. I'm shy...

It was a struggle to go for months. I didn't know them, or the town. I slowly learned that I had met the most inspirational and fabulous women. They knew the town, and they knew how to quilt and sew and knit. They appliqued, knit lace and hand quilted. I have met the women of my dreams!

We meet once a week to talk and hug and inspire.

One of our members goes WAY above anything any of the rest of us can even dream about creating, both in food and in projects. The above photos are a sample of the food that she created for us in the last month. If anyone can inspire us, she can.

Now, back to my Olympics sweater!

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