Tuesday, August 7, 2012



We are in the beginning of another heat wave. I don't do heat. Heat does me. It does me in. Makes me sick. I really, really do not like heat.


I'm going to hibernate. Like the bears from my favorite place on earth. Glacier National Park .  They hibernate when their homes are covered with crystal ice, and snow. I hide from the weather when it's hot.

You will find me working on my Olympics knitting project. I'll be quietly and studiously working.

If I'm not knitting, I have books to read. Currently I'm reading The Paris Wife . It is my book group selection for the month of August. I love it. I stayed up until midnight last night with a cool breeze blowing through the window reading. Reading like it wasn't past my usual bedtime. Now I have an incentive to hibernate, because reading until midnight made me sleep in, and now today seems a bit off.

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