Friday, August 17, 2012

Hurry Autumn

  I can hardly wait for Autumn. It's my favorite season. Crisp air. Apple everything... pie, cider, cake, doughnuts. I could go on and on. I'm having a fire in the wood stove. I'm wearing a hand knit sweater and a hand knit scarf. Oh, and socks. Butternut squash soup!

Ok, enough dreaming.
We've been having a heat wave that is unrelenting in its misery. I'm having Autumn in my mind to keep myself from going crazy. I'm locked in the house, except for early morning. As soon as I'm done walking and working in my vegetable garden, I'm in the house.

I figured as long as I'm dreaming of Autumn, I might as well work on this quilt that I started a few years ago. It has been stored away along with a lot of other unfinished projects. Its called Goosetracks in the pumpkins. It has very easy applique and piecing. Simple.

Enjoy your Summer day!

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