Monday, August 13, 2012


Yesterday I re-arranged and cleaned my sewing room. I had to. It has been my sanctuary all summer as I did my recovery from my neck surgery, and lately it has been the nursery for my puppy. In other words it was a mess. Rowan (the puppy) decided that the roll of linoleum under her X-pen was a chew toy. She tore large pieces out, so it had to go. I tried putting her on the carpet, but she started eating it. The X-pen moved upstairs.

So, since I was moving furniture anyway... I decided to re-arrange the room. I needed somewhere for my cutting table and I needed to uncover my fabric which I had buried for the summer. I was hiding it from light so that it wouldn't fade. My sewing room is in the basement of our mountain home, so it's a little dark, but not dark enough to protect fabric.

The one thing I don't like about this room is that I don't have any storage. No closets... I also have to make room for three dog crates, as it's a room I share with my best friends. I have a wish list of very cute Ikea storage items that I NEED! The problem is that I have no where to put them either. I have a comfy chair, for all the knitting hours and for hand quilting and applique.

I have everything I need down in my own room. I pretty much live down here... and I'm thankful for it! I look at other quilters studios, and love them. I really wish I had a blank slate, and winnings from the lottery so that I could make it fabulous, but I'll happily take what I have!

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