Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are for sleeping in and lazing around with a coffee and a great book, still in pajamas. Unfortunately, I just can't seem to accomplish that. I have three dogs to take care of. Two seniors and one puppy. They need to go out, and to eat, and to go for walks. All of those things require me to be in clothing, not my super comfy, and did I tell--you handmade jammies?  I'll show you photos... soon!

Where was I? Oh, yes. Sunday morning.

I eat very healthy breakfasts six days a week. Cheerios or oatmeal with flax seed meal, chia seeds, blueberries, and vanilla soy milk...and a handful of vitamins. So, every once in a while I bake something for breakfast on Sunday, or make pancakes. Pancakes with real butter, real maple syrup, and real blueberries. Not healthy really. Not fat free.

This morning, I'm tired. I'm not used to staying up until midnight every night, but who can miss the Olympics? Michael Phelps, and Gabby Douglas? Not me. I look forward to the Olympics, and try to watch every minute that I can. Plus, last night we were expecting dry lightening storms, and were under a red flag warning. I live in the towering pines and dry grass of the Sierra. Fire is something that keeps me awake anyway, but under those conditions... Let's just say it was a long night!

This morning my blueberry pancakes were the perfect beginning to another sunny, hot Motherlode morning!

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