Sunday, September 23, 2012


This time of year I spend a lot of time working with pears. I love pears and it's a good thing I do.
 The property I am lucky enough to live on used to be a pear orchard. Used to be, almost one hundred years ago. We have found rusty horseshoes when digging holes to plant more apple trees, or my personal favorite, more ruby gems. Maple trees. I think that there are eight pear trees. They are knobby and crooked and ancient. They are starting to think about turning golden yellow.
Back to the pears...
I have baked three pear pies. Simmered three gallons of pear sauce. Canned four pints of pear jam. I have four more pints of jam to go, and I will have another pear season under my belt. If you haven't tried pear jam on a warm buttery biscuit, you have seriously missed out on a delicious pear experience.

I didn't even mention the green beans, and the dehydrated tomatoes. I've been working with them too...
 While I have been immersed in sugary pear heaven, I have also knit a row or two here and there. I've also completed the applique portion of my pumpkin quilt. I have to sew the borders, and then it's on to my first experiment in machine quilting. Nothing really to photograph, but I'm still working.
Oh. I have a puppy that I've been spending quality time with. One of my best friends...

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