Sunday, September 30, 2012


I've been pondering an ongoing feature that I want to start.
 As you know, I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. This community has been a vacation village for many years and has some charming cabins. Some are old, and some are brand shiny new. The older cabins are my favorite, and I wish that I could have tours of the insides of them. I like to take drives at night when the interior lights are on so that I can see some of the old fashioned charm. They are knotty pine, stone fireplace treasures. Some have pine tree stumps as foundations. No cement, no earthquake retrofits, no insulation, no heaters, no nothin'. No nothin', but charm. I'm thinking of posting one photo every Sunday. No addresses or names, just a single photo. What do you think?
Please comment. I have viewers, but no commenters... I'm starting to get a complex!

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  1. Commenting!

    I am north of you, also in the foothills, and own one of those older knotty pine-stone fireplace cabins in the mountains (not in your neighborhood, elsewhere in the Sierras).

    I have the same fondness and fascination for cabins, and would love to see photos!

    I like to browse google images of cabins (type cabin in the woods, and hit images: over 2 million!).