Monday, September 24, 2012


So, just when I was really proud of myself for not making a mistake in my knitting the fates gave it to me. I had completed about four or five inches without having to resort to the lifeline. I moved it about every four rows just in case. Last night when I knew I was too tired to be knitting at all, much less knitting lace, I made a mistake. I ripped out two rows to my life line. I decided to do one more row before calling it a night and guess what?. I was one stitch short. I ripped it out one more time...
That stitch was not only missing, but I had not run my life line through it and there was a BIG hole where that stitch should have been.
I was not a happy camper. I pulled the whole thing out and re-rolled my yarn.
Today, I have started over. No smugness any more... Oh, No. I've learned my lesson. It also kept me awake all night, so I had a double lesson.

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