Sunday, September 9, 2012


It's been a week since I posted. I've been swamped. How can I be swamped when I live in the mountains, and I only have myself to take care of? Oh yeah, and a husband, and three Golden Retrievers, and a garden, and a house that doesn't clean itself. I also have "groups" that I belong to. They require my presence. I love them, but they take time.

My projects take time. Time away from posting... Now that's funny, since this is supposed to be about my projects.

I spent all morning dealing with tomatoes and green beans from my vegetable garden. The tomatoes are in the dehydrator. I sprinkled the the slices with olive oil, and salt and pepper. The green beans are cleaned and snapped. They are in the freezer.


The lifeline on my Pea Vines by Ann Hanson has come in handy, as I knew it would. I had to rip out four rows this afternoon. I spent all afternoon knitting, while I watched football. I could have spent half as much time, or knit twice as much. That will teach me not to knit lace when my Forty-Niners are on the television. Who can count and cheer at the same time?

It is going to be very hot this week. I think I'll be spending a lot of time on my lace knitting.

I also have a beautiful puppy to spend time training. That first dog show is starting to get close. Just about six weeks away... That grooming table is the biggest hurdle at the moment.

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