Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome September

It's almost my favorite month.

 We have to get through one more warm month to get to October. Where I live, in a tourist town ,we have to get through this weekend. This one last weekend of being overrun with vacationers. They are here. Believe me they are here. They are noisy, rude and overwhelming. We drove through town last night, and there was a concert happening. While the music was inviting, the parking was not. There wasn't even standing room. There were only tourists... Every cabin had multiple cars filling driveways, and narrow mountain lanes. There were charcoal barbecues sending up choking amounts of smoke, and believe me we do not like smoke this time of year.
October on the other hand brings quiet, and hopefully lovely rainy days. Quiet days spent knitting and quilting and butternut squash soup. Apple cinnamon doughnuts and weekends spent with girlfriends doing what we love best. Quilt shows, and dog shows. My dear husbands birthday, and this year is a big one. I think we'll have a party.
Get back to me on Tuesday, after the tourists go home. I'll be hiding until then.

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