Monday, September 10, 2012


I've spent the early morning training my puppy, and walking one of my other dogs. The dog run is clean. I'm on my third load of laundry. I need to vacuum my sewing room, and then I'm going to knit and work on my Autumn quilt. I wish the weather would become autumn like. The light is changing. The sun is lower in the sky, and more golden. The finches are very busy at my feeder outside the sewing room window. They have bright yellow breasts, and they twitter as they position themselves for a feast. I think that they would be happier as well, if it wasn't so warm.
Do you see that green life line? ...and all those stitch markers. I am unable to knit lace without them. I need those stitch markers to know where I am. I also use one of those stitch counters. You know the red ones that you click the top of to count? I have to keep track of my repeats with it. Don't you think that I could count to seven? Nope. Not without my clicker.
Have a lovely day. I hope its crispy cool where you are. I wish it were crispy cool here too...

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