Monday, October 22, 2012


I have been home since yesterday afternoon. Trying to regain my stamina. Dog shows are hard work. Fun, but lots of work. If anyone thinks it's a vacation, they would be dead wrong. I was awake at 4:30 on the day I left, and I think at 5 every morning at the show. My friends and I had a little bit of sitting at the show, but most of it was spent working. Soooo.... now my Sjogrens Syndrome is totally flared up. My face is on fire, my joints all hurt like mad, and I am so tired. I want to go to bed, but won't give in to it. I am resting, but knitting while I rest. Hopefully I'm back to my perky self tomorrow.
Anyway... my puppy was very nervous on her first day at the show. All of the dogs, and hair dryers, and people everywhere. It's a bit overwhelming. By day two she was more confident. I was so proud of her. She was a little wiggley in the ring, but for her first time and considering how new it all was, she did beautifully. Way to go Miss Rowan! You are off and running, and it will be so fun to see you grow and develop. 

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