Monday, October 15, 2012

PIQF Part Two



More PIQF fun... Around noon, my friends and I leave the convention hall for a picnic on the grass. We share crusty french bread, cheese, fruit, goodies from the deli, and of course dessert. We relax on a quilt that we have brought from home for a few minutes before we re-enter the hall filled with hanging art and of course the shopping! Oh, the shopping... I have to admit that we did break one tradition this year. We shopped on the first day. Usually we only allow ourselves to shop on day two, but we have found that we missed out on treasures by waiting. Certain items that we really wanted were sold out by waiting, so we broke that rule!
I have a bit of editorial comment on the above quilt, which was breath-takingly beautiful... The quilter should really have used rolled up tissue in the folds when she shipped it. Look at those folds? Sad...


After a full day of quilt immersion, we check into our hotel, read or knit for a while and then head to dinner at "The Fish Market". Dinner is a treat, as we do not have a fish restaurant in the little community that most of us live in. After dinner we head back to the hotel for dessert, and more knitting and talking, talking, talking... Oh, and the magazines that we bought earlier.
Day two is started with breakfast and a walk, and then back to the show! More quilt viewing and more shopping! I really don't know which is more inspirational, the quilts on display, or the vendors displays. For me, I find the vendors have a lot of quilts that are more my style, or more at my level of ability? As I said earlier, I'm really not into the "bling" or contemporary art quilts...
Well, until next year. It's been perfect!
 (Don't forget-if you click on the photos, you can enlarge them to see the detail)

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