Saturday, October 13, 2012


These are photos of two of the quilts that I loved at PIQF. For some reason Blogger will only let me make one photo extra large per post, so if you want to see close ups you only have to click on the photo, and you will be able to. Please be sure to look at the photos enlarged. The quilts are stunning in detail!


I had a wonderful time with two of my friends at the Pacific International Quilt Show. It's held in the convention center in Santa Clara. We have tried and true traditions that we follow, to the letter. Because they are fun! We left my house at seven in the morning, and our first stop was two hours later. We always go to Barnes and Noble and buy magazines. You know-the magazines that have thick, matte paper with wonderful photos? One of my favorites is Where Women Create. There is a second magazine called Where Women Cook. I already had both, but had been saving them for our trip. We buy pumpkin spice lattes, and eat apple spice donuts before we leave. I always bring donuts! Home baked, of course! Home baked sounds like they might be a healthy treat, but that would be incorrect. They are baked, but then dipped in warm melted butter (soaked), and then shaken in a ziplock bag filled with sugar and cinnamon. Perfect!
Next stop the show! There were a lot of  "Art" quilts this year. I noticed a lot of "bling" on the quilts, and a lot of silk fabric. The silk I loved, and the bling not so much... My favorite quilts are the traditional ones, and quite frankly they have sort of been moved to the back of the show with the wearable art. What's up with that? I love hand applique, and hand quilting. Am I out of the loop?
Next, more photos...


I really had too many favorites to mention, and I think I'll be back with the rest of the story tomorrow. Oh, and if you scroll to the last post I've added more photos...
Have a happy Saturday!


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