Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Knitting-Still Quilting

I have been diligently stitching away on my " Pea Vines" scarf. Remember, it started out as a shawl, but has been reduced by my yarn. It will now be a scarf. I have so many projects in line to be completed, that I'm seriously looking forward to winter. As long as my power stays on... When the power is out, I'm reduced to reading with my itty-bitty book light.

I have a sock on the needles, another "Fusilli" scarf about 2/3 done, and an eggplant colored silk cardigan, "Thornfield". Wait until you see it!  I also want to knit "Bee Fields" this winter. I've had the perfect yarn just lounging in a basket waiting for my knitting ability to improve enough to try it. I think I'm ready! I think I have to look up provisional cast-on, on Youtube. What did we do without Youtube? A few minutes on the computer saves me twenty dollars for having to go to the drop-in class at my local yarn shop to have my problem solved.

These are only the knitted projects. What about the quilting? I have one that I am in the process of  hand quilting, one that is being embroidered, and stacks and stacks of fabric for quilts in the design process.

That's my progress report. I'm thinking it better be pretty stormy this winter, because that's only a partial list. What are you planning?

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