Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We had a fun and food filled day with our family. I had spent a few days baking and filling the freezer. I baked maple sweet potato muffins and pillowy soft dinner rolls. I also baked-and forgot chocolate walnut biscotti. It's time for a little biscotti dipping in hot chocolate or a cup of tea. I need to go get one... Okay, I'm back.

We also had three kinds of home baked pie. Pumpkin, because I don't think you can celebrate Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie with a hefty helping of whipped cream. We had an apple pie with a crumb topping, and a chocolate pie. I tried all three, and I'm still not sure which one I like best.

I ordered a big turkey from Diestel, which is a local farm that raises turkeys. I wasn't very happy with it. It was old. Stringy. I didn't know that you can order a hen, or a tom. I really think I ordered too large a bird, and got a tough old tom. It was too strong tasting as well. Just sort of blah all the way around. The stuffing and potatoes were good, and they are my favorites anyway.

The best part of the day was spending it with my sons and their families. I missed two of my grandsons, who were with their Mother. Hopefully we will see them soon. I really need to remember to plan a game playing session for next year. Something that we can all enjoy. A little Trivial Pursuit, perhaps? For Disney lovers? We all could play it. I'm waaay over Candy Land!

Until next year.

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