Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have a finished little neck warmer. My Pea Vines mini shawl is blocked and ready to wear. It seems that It took forever. Maybe because I haven't knit lace in over a year? Maybe because I had to take it off the needles and start over? ...and that would be because I didn't read the pattern and know that I didn't have enough yarn to make the larger size. I can't stand it when I do something totally incompetent. Stupid even. Because who pays the price in the long run? Me! Anyway, my diligence has paid off in the long run. It's done, and I love it.
I'm so thankful to be almost totally recovered from my spine surgery. I went to an appointment with my surgeon last week. My bones are about 90% fused. I don't have to go back for six more months! It's like a miracle! He even looked at the old x-rays and shook his head and commented that he couldn't believe how bad it was. I believed it. I had to live with it. When I look back, I can't believe that I made it through all those years, and especially that last year in so much misery. I will be forever grateful that I found someone who would repair it!
So, I may be a bit out of practice in the lace-knitting department, but I'm planning my next project already, and hope to have many more!

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