Friday, June 22, 2012


It has been a month since I've posted.

I'm still here, and doing so well that I'm almost afraid to put it in writing. I was in so much pain, for so long that it's sort of amazing to me that the pain is pretty much gone. I think that when you live with intense pain for a long time, you don't exactly know what to do when it isn't there. I'm very aware of everything. I'm nervous about everything. I'd like to build a palace for my surgeon... Is that going too far? Not to me! As far as I am concerned, he saved my life. At least my way of life...

I still have some issues, but they get better every day.

I'm slowly but surely recovering my day to day way of life and old habits. When I can sit at the sewing machine, or use my rotary cutter I will know that I'm back. Today I gave a bath to one of my dogs, which was a huge hurdle.

Happy Summer to us all!!