Monday, October 22, 2012


I have been home since yesterday afternoon. Trying to regain my stamina. Dog shows are hard work. Fun, but lots of work. If anyone thinks it's a vacation, they would be dead wrong. I was awake at 4:30 on the day I left, and I think at 5 every morning at the show. My friends and I had a little bit of sitting at the show, but most of it was spent working. Soooo.... now my Sjogrens Syndrome is totally flared up. My face is on fire, my joints all hurt like mad, and I am so tired. I want to go to bed, but won't give in to it. I am resting, but knitting while I rest. Hopefully I'm back to my perky self tomorrow.
Anyway... my puppy was very nervous on her first day at the show. All of the dogs, and hair dryers, and people everywhere. It's a bit overwhelming. By day two she was more confident. I was so proud of her. She was a little wiggley in the ring, but for her first time and considering how new it all was, she did beautifully. Way to go Miss Rowan! You are off and running, and it will be so fun to see you grow and develop. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Field Trip

I'm going to be out of town for a few days. A certain puppy of mine will be in her first show this weekend... See you in a few !

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Knitting-Still Quilting

I have been diligently stitching away on my " Pea Vines" scarf. Remember, it started out as a shawl, but has been reduced by my yarn. It will now be a scarf. I have so many projects in line to be completed, that I'm seriously looking forward to winter. As long as my power stays on... When the power is out, I'm reduced to reading with my itty-bitty book light.

I have a sock on the needles, another "Fusilli" scarf about 2/3 done, and an eggplant colored silk cardigan, "Thornfield". Wait until you see it!  I also want to knit "Bee Fields" this winter. I've had the perfect yarn just lounging in a basket waiting for my knitting ability to improve enough to try it. I think I'm ready! I think I have to look up provisional cast-on, on Youtube. What did we do without Youtube? A few minutes on the computer saves me twenty dollars for having to go to the drop-in class at my local yarn shop to have my problem solved.

These are only the knitted projects. What about the quilting? I have one that I am in the process of  hand quilting, one that is being embroidered, and stacks and stacks of fabric for quilts in the design process.

That's my progress report. I'm thinking it better be pretty stormy this winter, because that's only a partial list. What are you planning?

Monday, October 15, 2012

PIQF Part Two



More PIQF fun... Around noon, my friends and I leave the convention hall for a picnic on the grass. We share crusty french bread, cheese, fruit, goodies from the deli, and of course dessert. We relax on a quilt that we have brought from home for a few minutes before we re-enter the hall filled with hanging art and of course the shopping! Oh, the shopping... I have to admit that we did break one tradition this year. We shopped on the first day. Usually we only allow ourselves to shop on day two, but we have found that we missed out on treasures by waiting. Certain items that we really wanted were sold out by waiting, so we broke that rule!
I have a bit of editorial comment on the above quilt, which was breath-takingly beautiful... The quilter should really have used rolled up tissue in the folds when she shipped it. Look at those folds? Sad...


After a full day of quilt immersion, we check into our hotel, read or knit for a while and then head to dinner at "The Fish Market". Dinner is a treat, as we do not have a fish restaurant in the little community that most of us live in. After dinner we head back to the hotel for dessert, and more knitting and talking, talking, talking... Oh, and the magazines that we bought earlier.
Day two is started with breakfast and a walk, and then back to the show! More quilt viewing and more shopping! I really don't know which is more inspirational, the quilts on display, or the vendors displays. For me, I find the vendors have a lot of quilts that are more my style, or more at my level of ability? As I said earlier, I'm really not into the "bling" or contemporary art quilts...
Well, until next year. It's been perfect!
 (Don't forget-if you click on the photos, you can enlarge them to see the detail)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cabin Sunday

Another vintage Twain Harte cabin. This one is never occupied, so there hasn't been an opportunity to take a peek inside. You know, when the lights are on and you can just see inside for a teeny tiny glimpse... I imagine it's all knotty pine though. Thankfully I have a good imagination. I can just hear the rain on that metal roof, can't you? I love the red trim too.
Have a great Sunday, and I'll show more photos tomorrow from PIQF.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


These are photos of two of the quilts that I loved at PIQF. For some reason Blogger will only let me make one photo extra large per post, so if you want to see close ups you only have to click on the photo, and you will be able to. Please be sure to look at the photos enlarged. The quilts are stunning in detail!


I had a wonderful time with two of my friends at the Pacific International Quilt Show. It's held in the convention center in Santa Clara. We have tried and true traditions that we follow, to the letter. Because they are fun! We left my house at seven in the morning, and our first stop was two hours later. We always go to Barnes and Noble and buy magazines. You know-the magazines that have thick, matte paper with wonderful photos? One of my favorites is Where Women Create. There is a second magazine called Where Women Cook. I already had both, but had been saving them for our trip. We buy pumpkin spice lattes, and eat apple spice donuts before we leave. I always bring donuts! Home baked, of course! Home baked sounds like they might be a healthy treat, but that would be incorrect. They are baked, but then dipped in warm melted butter (soaked), and then shaken in a ziplock bag filled with sugar and cinnamon. Perfect!
Next stop the show! There were a lot of  "Art" quilts this year. I noticed a lot of "bling" on the quilts, and a lot of silk fabric. The silk I loved, and the bling not so much... My favorite quilts are the traditional ones, and quite frankly they have sort of been moved to the back of the show with the wearable art. What's up with that? I love hand applique, and hand quilting. Am I out of the loop?
Next, more photos...


I really had too many favorites to mention, and I think I'll be back with the rest of the story tomorrow. Oh, and if you scroll to the last post I've added more photos...
Have a happy Saturday!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012



My friends and I are heading three hours west tomorrow to go to the Pacific International Quilt Festival. It's in Santa Clara, CA. We will be stopping at Barnes and Noble to shop and pick up pumpkin spice lattes to go with our apple spice donuts.
After a morning looking at at all of the spectacular quilts we go out to the lawn for a picnic. More quilts follow. Dinner is at The Fish Market, and we spend the evening knitting or sewing while talking and laughing. We read awesome magazines. You know those expensive ones that are printed on good paper with great photos.
...and all that's only day one! See you when I get back. I'll let you know what fun we have. Maybe I'll see you there.

I still have to tell you about Bee this afternoon. I have a photo or two, but the camera is packed. Remind me later... Here they are...

The quilts are mine, not from the quilt show. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Do you have one of these? A button jar? I do, and it is filled with treasures. I have been collecting buttons for many years. Not the museum quality "collecting", but the bits of this and that collecting. I used to do a lot of clothing sewing. Unfortunately for that hobby, I discovered quilting and became obsessed with that. While I was sewing garments, I always had a leftover button here and there. I saved them. My Mom collected beautiful buttons for me, and antique buttons for me. She gave me cards of buttons, and jars of buttons. I treasure them.
Now I knit. I love to knit. The peace and quiet. The calmness. The color and texture. Everything. The lace shawls, and scarves. The sweaters. The socks. Now, I have a belief. I believe that if I use great yarn, and I spend hours, days, weeks and months of my precious time making something beautiful, then it deserves beautiful buttons. So, I have more buttons for my jar. My jar sits on a shelf in my sewing room. I do use things out of it from time to time, but mostly it's a collection of my life in fabric and yarn.
Have a colorful day...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Choose Joy

I am trying to live my life by the motto "Choose Joy". It's not easy some days. I have read of two other, much younger than me women who have chosen this as well. One of them is Ashley Hacksaw, the owner and blogger at She was diagnosed with a rare cancer a year ago. Please go read her story. She is also a crafter and business owner. She's a wife and mother. She had a challenging-to put it mildly-year, and she lived it with joy and humor. She still does. Every day!
The other young woman has unfortunately passed away from an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. I found her blog last year when I was researching back pain. Her story is so inspirational. She was forced by her disease to live totally indoors...and I mean totally in her own house. She couldn't even leave for medical appointments. Her name was Sara, and this is her blog
If these women can live their lives this way, than I can try. I don't claim to have issues that in any way campare to either of them, and that isn't my point. My point is that our lives are short, and we all have issues to deal with. Wouldn't you rather be filled with joy, than bitterness? See the good in not only yourself, but others? ...and that's the little, itty bitty problem that I'm having with this... Those other people that I can't control. Maybe I'll go have something fattening to eat and ponder this some more. What's more joyful than pumpkin cheesecake?
So, as you see, I think that this will be a process. Have a joyful day!


I took my puppy for her walk a bit early this morning so that I could take a few photos to share with you of some of our local cabins. I am going to post a photo every Sunday. I tried to take photos of cabins yesterday, but the sun was totally up and the light and shadow played havoc with them. Too much light, and too much shadow. Everything was speckled. I'm trying to take better photos, and I'm learning by trial and error. I hope you will stay with me while I'm learning...
Trial and error is the way I work. I taught myself to quilt, and to knit. To be a gardener, and now I'm trying to take better photos.
Have a lovely Sunday, and "Choose Joy". Even if everything tells you it won't work... No one said it would be easy, people!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Aren't these bright and cheery on this perfect crispy Autumn morning? I woke up this morning to the smell of woodsmoke outside. I was wearing a sweatshirt, and a hand knit wool sweater. Believe me, I was not complaining! I love, love, love Autumn! I even capitalize it when I shouldn't!  Any day now I will be regaling you with photos of red and amber leaves. Gold ones as well.
I've been busy reading and knitting. Not feeling too perky, so I've been resting. I have a very busy month in this birthday month of mine. I am hosting "Bee" here this coming Wednesday, and a friend is joining us from out of state. I haven't seen her in two and a half years, so I'm very excited about that. Beyond excitement, being the hostess means baking and cleaning like mad. I have three Golden Retrievers, and they lose hair continually. I still haven't decided what to bake. I know that I have to have apple cinnamon donuts, or there may be a mutiny.
The day after "Bee" three of my friends and I are travelling to PIQF-Pacific International Quilt Show. We have quite a ritual... I'll tell you when I get home.
The week after the quilt show my puppy, Masters Once Upon A Time, (don't you just love that name?)-Rowan, is making her debut at her first dog show. I hope the judges have a sense of humor. Then two weeks after that I'm sailing away with Mickey. Oh, yeah and my hubby!

Monday, October 1, 2012


I've changed the look of this blog. I want a more simple look. Uncomplicated, and focused on one thing. One item. One thought. Calm. Uncluttered.
I can be scattered if I let myself. Rushing from one project to the next, and never finishing. My thoughts, at times can flit from one thing to another. I function much better when I focus. My writing style is not filled with adjectives, flowery and complicated. When I was in school, I always got "'A's" when I wrote research papers, and something less when I had a creative writing assignment. I can still remember how frustrated my tenth grade English teacher used to get with me. I just could NOT embellish! Somehow I don't have problems embellishing fabric, yarn and card stock...
I read a lot of blogs, and some are filled with delicious detail. Unfortunately some are filled with extraneous language. Another teacher defined "extraneous" as
- a fly in pea soup. Something that just doesn't belong. Isn't that a picture for a lovely Monday morning? I'm going to try and not be one of those flys.
I hope you have a lovely day. I'll be knitting.