Monday, April 8, 2013

A Mere Whisper

It is definitely spring in the mountains. This past weekend we had the windows opened, and the heater off. I was contemplating getting the deck furniture from the basement. BUT, I just woke up to snow outside. The clouds are gone, and the sky is clear. As I write this, the sun hasn't peeked over the pine trees yet, but I can see that it is going to be a clear day. I don't think that the snow will be on the ground long. We always say that it isn't officially summer until there is snow on the dogwoods, and they haven't bloomed here yet, so I don't know if this counts or not.
We had a fun day yesterday. We took a ride up to Amador county and wandered around the little gold rush towns of Amador City, Sutter Creek and Plymouth.  We had delicious pastries and coffee at Andreas' Bakery in Amador City and enjoyed the spring day sitting on the patio. Our destination was the Amador Flower Farm in Plymouth, where my husband was interested in adding to his daylily collection. We bought other plants as well.
I'm off on another adventure today, so I won't be doing any quilting. I am planning on spending tomorrow on a project or two.

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