Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birdsong Applique Quilt

An update on my Birdsong applique quilt is due.

It's a lovely, quiet, rainy morning here in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and I'm sipping a cup of tea and taking a peek at all of the blogs that I find inspiring. It makes me wish that I could sew and knit twenty-four hours a day. I just can't do everything I want to do...

I've been stitching away, and having a great time doing it. Actually I can't think of anything better than watching a good movie and sewing the afternoon away. Oh, and checking out those inspiring blogs...  The preparation for stitching however isn't one of my favorite things. I wish I had an assistant to trace all of the shapes onto the freezer paper and especially to cut them all out. Using the scissors on paper cutting just makes my fingers hurt... Thankfully, there are rotary cutters for fabric, or I wouldn't like cutting out quilts either. I do enjoy placing the fabric shapes on the background, and seeing my fabric picture emerge. One square at a time.

Have a great day.

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