Monday, May 6, 2013

Fun Saturday with The Queen For The Day

This last Saturday I met my Daughter-In-Law and my Grandchildren in a historic gold country town, Sutter Creek, about two hours from where I live. My Daughter-In-Laws Mother was the featured artist at the Sutter Creek Gallery on Saturday. We went to look at her beautiful watercolor paintings and cheer her talent. Her name is Wendy Rogers. She has a blog, and a wonderful website . I told her that she should be wearing a crown and embracing her monarchy. After all she was Queen For The Day! 

The ride was beautiful. The rolling hills are starting to turn gold. The oak trees are majestic, and the small towns are just so fun to look at. It was as perfect as a day could be. We window shopped, and went to lunch. Nothing could have been more fun!

Tomorrow an update on my Birdsong quilt. I have two more block to show.

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  1. AWWWW! Thank you Michelle, it was good to see you...