Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Vacation

I made a summer banner and hung it on my mantle. I have my parents wedding photo, and a photo of my grandmother and one of her best friends, Edna, displayed on it. I just love the photo of my  Grandmother, Mam, and her friend. I posted it here so you could see it. Aren't they cute? With their handbags and their suits? They were probably going shopping. The other photo on the mantle is my parents on their wedding day. I miss them always, and just love looking at this photo of them when they were young and so darn happy!  My living room is sort of dark, but I try to brighten it up a bit with a cute quilt and my banner.  The photo album above is full of my wedding photos. I keep it out in the summer, so I can grab it if we have to leave quickly. I live in the mountains, and fire is always a worry in the summer. I don't even want to think about it...

I'm leaving for a bit. I will be with some of my grandchildren for a few days, and we have big plans. Well, I should say I have big plans. We are going to see a movie, going to the zoo, having upside down day, having a movie fest (with junk food), playing Twister, having root beer floats and going to McDonalds. We are going to stay up late, and eat everything bad for us, and when we go to McDonalds we will be having fries and soda!  I hope I survive... Anyway, I won't be posting on this here ole blog, because I'll be playing with my favorite people. Their parents will be in Disneyland celebrating their anniversary. We will be thinking of them while they party with Mickey...

I started a new knitting project for a new grandchild, and tried to start "duck" feet for the same almost here little one. No such luck on the "duck" feet . I could not knit that pattern for love or money. I need a lesson and when I get home, I'll be going for help.  They are very cute though!  If and when I figure the pattern out, I will show you.

Have a great few days, and think of me... Help!

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