Thursday, August 29, 2013


I haven't disappeared. Not totally.
We have been dealing with a health issue, and it has required us to temporarily re-locate. We moved more than three hundred miles from home for the next three months. So- I spent a lot of time organizing and packing. I brought clothes for a very hot and humid climate. I brought three lace knitting projects, and one applique project. I spent weeks tracing all of the shapes onto freezer paper and ironing them onto fabric, and tracing around the fold lines. Weeks! I'm sure you can imagine.
I also brought three months worth of books, my computer and a few treasures. I brought a few treasures because the "Rim" fire is at our back step. If you know what I mean. The huge fire that's burning in the sierra Nevada mountains is about four or five miles from home. The firefighters have been doing everything possible to keep it out of the populated areas. Everything! They are our heroes. So, I packed a couple of my favorite quilts, my parents wedding picture, my wedding album and my children's photos from when they were small. Did I pack all my treasures? No. Its impossible. I'm praying with everything I have that I will have a home to go back to, and even more importantly that we will return healthy! All of this certainly gives clarity to my life.


  1. Hello, Michelle: I'm a fellow "Girlfriend" from Susan Branch's blog ["Janet from Rochester"]. Just wanted to wish you luck with the health issue you are currently coping with. I'll be thinking and praying for the best for you. And the fires as well. Gee, you're getting hit with a lot right now. Also I LOVE Goldens [there is no more loving dog on Earth than a Golden] so please pat your fur babies for me. Here's to better times very soon! :>)

  2. A Girlfriend! Don't you love her book??? I brought that treasure with me too. Thanks for your concern. Things are looking up with the fire!

  3. Good luck with your health issues and relocation. It must be so difficult to leave your things behind and trust that all will be well. Sending you many hugs.