Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sugar Kisses To You

I've been stitching away on Sugar Kisses blocks. It's just a fun pattern! Uncomplicated and
 all of the blocks are different. Different works for me. I have a little problem when all of the blocks are the same. Maybe that's why I'm drawn to scrap quilts? At least then the fabric combinations look different. Stitching the same thing over and over is mind numbingly boring to me. I think that's why some of my projects sit on a shelf more than they should. This quilt is adorable, and I'm giving it to my oldest Granddaughter. She told me that she loves this one, and I love her. I can't wait to give it to her. I had planned on having all of the blocks for Birdsong and Sugar Kisses completed so that I could spend the chilly snowy days this winter on the hand quilting. What I hadn't planned on was our extended stay in southern California, so I think my timetable is going to be a bit off.

I've just discovered a book that I NEED! It's "Primarily Quilts" by Di Ford. It isn't available in the U.S. as far as I can find. I've been using the search button on Amazon. In fact I've been using it a lot...But that's another story that we won't go into today. Ha! Back to my poor sob story. If anyone can tell me where to purchase this delightful book, please leave me a comment or an email. I would be forever grateful. 

I haven't pressed these blocks yet, so they will be much more crisp when I put them together. I'm still stitching...

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  1. If you complete a search on the web by the book name, results pop up for several quilting shops that offer the book for sale. Check several of the offerings because the price ranges from $46 to $79. Good luck! I enjoy your blog and thanks for sharing your projects.