Saturday, December 28, 2013

'Til Next Year

I know a lot of people keep their Christmas decorations up well into January, but I am not one of them. My entire house is decorated for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. I so enjoy sitting and gazing at my Christmas tree and all of the other special decorations. Some that were made by my Mother, and mean the world to me. But--- as soon as Christmas is over, I am ready to have my house back to normal. I need to redecorate and polish furniture, and vacuum the pine needles. It's always a hunt for all of the needlework and watercolors and other framed treasures. They spend Christmas under every bed in the house and some large chairs with skirts.

 I also take a whole evening working on the next years calendar. Writing in the birthdays, and how old each person will be. Copying in the "Bee" hostess on each special Wednesday. Book group needs to be inked in as well. My new journal is already purchased and begun. This year, I also bought a book just for lists. You know, books to be read, quilt and knitting projects to be stitched. Garden ideas and wish lists. I plan on doing a bit of drawing in my journal, and some other embellishing. I have new pens and some rubber stamps waiting for me. I'm really not an artist, but I can copy some cute drawings. We'll see how it goes...
While I'm tinkering away, there are a lot of Christmas cookies to fuel my chores. Of course the good diet won't be re-installed until after January first. 

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