Saturday, January 25, 2014

By Hand

Good morning! I survived my not-so-lovely virus. It took forever, and a trip to Prompt-Care, but I've waved goodbye to it. I have my life back, and I'm finally back to my little blog...

I've completed the last square of Sugar Kisses and sewn them together. The basting is done and I've started quilting. I love to hand quilt, just as much as I love to applique. I really think that both of these things are disappearing. Seriously. My favorite quilt shop has closed its doors for the final time, and I had to order my hand quilting thread online. The local quilt store near where I live isn't carrying it any longer. They told me that no one hand quilts anymore. Really? Well, if you ask me, then you aren't a quilter. You are a sewer. That's sew-er, not the other kind... Another sign that our art form is dying again.

 My favorite quilt shop (the one that closed) assured me that they aren't going away, they will still be available online. Online? How can you select fabric online? I've tried that with yarn, and the color that arrives is never the color that I thought I was buying. I'm not spending a lot of money to have fabric cut and sent to me that isn't what I thought I was going to get. Do they give refunds for cut fabric? Hmmm.... maybe I'll quit whining and go email them.
Have a great day. I'll be working on my quilt.

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