Sunday, May 18, 2014


I'm back!

Let me tell you something my friends. Take very good care of your shoulders, because shoulder surgery is beyond not fun. My surgery was two months ago today. My surgery that was supposed to be two hours long turned into a five hour long ordeal because the damage was much worse than anticipated. I've been without my immobilizer for two and a half weeks, and off of heavy duty pain killers for a few days. I can't carry anything with my right hand yet that is heavier than a coffee cup. I still do not have my full range of motion back yet. I spent six weeks living in my sewing room on my recliner, because I couldn't lay down in bed. My husband had to do everything for me and I'm just so grateful. 

I have embroidered two pillow cases. 

I have started knitting a new Noro scarf.

I want to finish the hand quilting on Sugar Kisses, but I can't turn the hoop that I hand quilt in yet. I'm not sure I should be even lifting that much weight.

Oh, and I lost ten pounds, but don't worry, they are slowly sneaking back! Our son and his wife and children came for a Mothers day brunch, and I baked. And ate...

Hopefully I will never mention my shoulder again. I'll try..

The peony's are blooming!

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