Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cotton Candy Pink

I have been doing fiber therapy. Not fabric therapy yet, but I expect to try that this weekend. It still counts though, because it involves fiber and color and painting with thread. Right?

I have always loved embroidered pillow cases. I haven't ever wanted to take the time out of my quilting, appliqueing and knitting time to make any though. You have to pick your addictions. I have been very sick and tired of sitting and watching television. Did you know that even though we get hundreds of channels and have big screens to watch them on, most of what is on is garbage. Anyway, back to my stitching...

I finished embroidering some cute, cotton candy pink pillow cases for summer. Nothing difficult. Just an iron on transfer, purchased pillow cases and pretty thread. My Mother was VERY proficient at counted cross stitch, and when she passed away I inherited her many boxes of embroidery floss. I am so happy to use some of it. The only other thing I've used it on is for sweater construction. In a class I took, we were instructed to use full thickness (six strands) of embroidery floss for sewing sweaters together. Nice and strong stitches.


  1. Amazing detail! And I agree with you about the 1 billion channels and nothing on too! ;)