Thursday, May 29, 2014


We have an epidemic of these little lovelies going around my "Bee". It happens often. One of us will find an adorable little, portable project that is easily transported to our weekly meeting. She will be quietly stitching away, and the rest of us are soon surrounding and asking. What is it? Oh- it's Noro yarn, and we all just love Noro yarn. The self striping-color changing-surprise that is in every little ball. 

I'm so happy to just be knitting! Especially this adorable little, lacy chevron scarf.

...and I've actually been reading. It was impossible while on pain killers, but I'm looking at those in the rear view mirror. I've finished a few books. One I didn't like at all, so it's not worth mentioning. I've ordered a few used goodies from Amazon that I've wanted for a few years. I figure if I've wanted them for that long, then I better buy them while I still can. Besides, who can resist a book for a penny? Not me!

I think I'll be right out in this chair, with a glass of frosty iced tea this afternoon. I just love this time of year, before it gets too hot to be outside.

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