Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I thought I would show you a few blooming things from the garden. We are under very strict water restrictions, because we are having an "extreme" drought emergency. We save every bit of water in buckets and then pour it into a large covered container outside. Like when you rinse those juicy strawberries? We use a bucket underneath the strainer. Or, when we are warming water for that morning shower. We have a bigger bucket for that. We are our very own bucket brigade. Unfortunately, because of our lack of water, there will be no vegetable garden for me this summer. I'm pretty sad about it, but our water situation is dire. I've planted one teeny, tiny tomato in a pot on the deck. We need to reduce our water consumption by fifty percent. In fact there is a possibility of running out of water at some point this summer. 

We live just north of Yosemite, and have a large summer tourist population. In fact, our population quadruples in the summer. They rent cabins and cottages and are responsible for keeping this little village afloat financially. They are being asked to reduce their water consumption as well, and I don't know how it's going to work, but I sure hope they do their part. What I'm really hoping and praying for is a very wet fall and winter. As always, and especially after last summers "Rim" fire, I'm especially praying hard for no fires here this summer!

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