Friday, June 20, 2014


We are in the middle of deck weather. It's a short period when it isn't too cold. We love to sit outside to eat dinner. We watch the pines sway in the warm breeze, and listen to the sweet call of birds. I love to sit outside and listen to music on Pandora, and read. It's so relaxing.

And then there's the opposite of relaxing. At least for me. I love to knit lace, and as you know it requires a lot of concentration. I can't knit lace when I'm outside, as I get distracted, so I sit inside with no noise and count. I ordered my current project from Quince and Company. The name of the pattern is Lullaby Rain. It really isn't a difficult pattern, but there are three hundred and fifty three stitches in one row. SO-- It requires  stitch markers. You will also notice a yellow yarn running through one of the rows. That is a lifeline, and boy-O-boy is it ever! As usual I've had my share of un-knitting and re-knitting. That's okay. It keeps me out of trouble, and I sure get my moneys worth out of my yarn.

I hope you are having a relaxing day with just a little bit of stitching in it!

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