Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sewing Room Start Over

I spend a lot of time in my sewing room. A LOT.  It is essentially the basement of our home in the mountains. I have a lot of "Obsessions", as you know. Each of these obsessions requires stuff. Supplies. Stash. You get the idea. I am lucky enough to have a large space, but it does have a few faults. The biggest one is that the only closet is a tiny, little cubby under the stairs. The door is only about three feet high, so the contents are not organised, and are rather thrown in and forgotten. It includes boxes of sewing patterns and quilting templates and pillow forms. The normal sized door goes to a space under the rest of the house with a dirt floor. Sort of a storage space for deck furniture, and Christmas decorations and other treasures (and a little bit of junk). I am lucky enough to live with multiple Golden Retrievers and consider them part of my family and my best friends. They need crates to be fed in and to sleep in, and they reside in my sewing room as well. They take space as well. The rest of the room is filled with sewing and knitting and art spaces. Oh, and books...

So, first I'm going to show you some of the before photos. They were taken while we were moving things out of the way so that we could paint and install new carpet.

As you can tell these photos were sort of an afterthought. I have two more of all of my things piled OUTSIDE under the deck. Now if you don't think that made me nervous...

Well enough of the before. Now the after. I'm not sure how accurate the wall color is in these photos. It's a taupey, chocolate brown. The new carpet is sort of in the same family.

I'm sorry about some of the photos. It's a difficult room because of the way the sun comes in, and we have no window coverings. I just can't wait to get back to sewing. I haven't done any sewing at all since the beginning of March because of my shoulder surgery. I think I can do it now.