Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Fun

This weekend is the first time we have the air conditioner turned on. It's supposed to be toasty warm. Hot! I've been cleaning and baking like mad, because we are having company. Grandchildren! I'm just so excited... We have big plans. Pizza and board games and candy and ice cream sundaes and cake. Oh, there will be upside down day, where dinner is eaten at breakfast time, and breakfast at dinner time. In between, there will be a party for California Chrome's try for the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes. So we need streamers and cupcakes and fancy drinks! The Disney and Pixar movies are ready to go. Oh-and we have squirt guns! And there will be bat watching... We are going to the gold mining town of Columbia to see what we can see.

I'm trying a new recipe from a friend. It's a super moist pound cake made with ricotta cheese. It's topped with delicious berry sauce and a dollop of whipped cream. The real whipped cream with a little vanilla in it and some powdered sugar. Yummo! 

This last photo is a sneak preview of my sewing room plans. Things are a-changing!

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