Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Baking Day

We love dessert in my "Bee". It's always served at two thirty. On the button. It's okay if you are a minute or two early, but not late. I always pull out recipes and pretty cookbooks a few days before my turn to be hostess. It's hard to decide what to bake. I have to be sure it's something that I will be successful at baking. I've had a few failures. You know- the cake that sinks in the middle. Cakes thrown away and baked all over. A perfect Nutella loaf cake. It had so much butter and Nutella in it that it just wouldn't stay a cake. It kept collapsing, but my husband and I ate it any way. It was heavenly, but not pretty enough for company. Then there was a frozen dessert that couldn't be cut. The crust was glued to the pan and the frozen topping needed a chisel... So embarrassing.

Tomorrow my friends will be here for Bee. That means that today is baking day. Oh, and cleaning day. When you live with Golden Retrievers, every day is cleaning day. That's okay.

We will be having dark, dense brownies. They have beautiful pink strawberry buttercream AND a tiny little layer of chocolate ganache on top. To continue the theme, we will be having little servings of strawberry ice cream. It is summer, and everyone likes a little ice cream. I'm also baking very gingery cookies. They have powdered ginger in them, and lovely spicy little chunks of crystallized ginger.
We always have fruit, and I'm continuing the pink theme with little wedges of watermelon. Lemonade and iced tea will be perfect beverages to go along with our stitching. Oh, and our dessert...

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