Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bee-utiful Day

I need a vacation. I wish I were going on a trip. The mess in this house is going to drive me over the cliff, if you know what I mean. I told you that I do not like anything about remodeling my house, and we have had a lot of projects. Ten years worth. This project, requires us to move everything out of every closet and bookcase and off of every table. The only things that don't have to be moved are in the kitchen and bathrooms, but my bathtubs are full of books and linens. My priceless (at least to me) quilts are wrapped in a sheet on the floor of my sewing room. All of my mothers embroidery pictures are tucked into nooks and crannies for safety.

Thank goodness today is Wednesday. Just when I really need to get away from this chaos, I am spending the afternoon with my friends at "Bee". I think a little tea and dessert and stitching with friends will calm me right down. I'm going to pack my applique threads and pins to spend my afternoon in a friends pretty house. I always love going to Bee, but now even more than usual.

Tomorrow the new floors start appearing. I wish it were with a snap of the fingers, but I'm afraid it will be with two or three days of pounding and banging and two nervous Golden Retrievers pacing in my sewing room with me. We still need an electrician, and someone to move a surround sound system and the list goes on... Why can't every day be Wednesday?


  1. Happy Wednesday, Nana! We can't wait to see your new floors. :)
    p.s. The kids wish every day could be Wednesday too...but then it would be 1/2 day every day. AAAH! hahaha

  2. It's always hard when the work is being done and there is upheaval, but it will be so worth it in the end! Love your pics of threads and I have serious desk envy too! X