Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Let's Color

I have always loved color. I think that is why my quilts are almost all scrap quilts. I get to play with color in fabric form. This post though isn't about my prime obsession, which is my love of quilting. No, this post is about drawing and coloring. Something that we all did as children. I certainly did. My coloring books were mine, and I learned to never let anyone else use them. Selfish? Maybe just an early example of my obsession. My brother colored in my book one time, and everything on the page was red.  ...and horror of horrors, he didn't stay in the lines. 

I took a lot of art classes in school, until I was in high school. I even sold some paintings when I was in eight grade. My freshman year in high school we had an art class with Sister Charolette Ann, and I loved her and her art. It was sort of folk art style. We learned how to use calligraphy. Then I became obsessed with sewing and tailoring. Quilting was not in the picture, as the art form was still buried in history and the resurgence hadn't started.

My art became buried in my history, and I'm trying to dig it up.

I write in a journal every night. Private thoughts as well as what I did in my day. I have wanted to use my journal to draw and color as well. Let's just say that my skills are very rusty. I have some new markers, and a black pen that I love. I'm trying...

One of the first lessons I have learned is that alcohol markers bleed through paper. See...? Next time I will use some sort of barrier under my page. 

My Mother was a wonderful artist. My Dad could draw anything. My darling Daughter-In-Law and her Mom are professional artists. I am a novice lover of color, and I'm having fun playing with my new markers.

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