Thursday, July 24, 2014

Now What

Good morning. I'm winding down here for the next few days. Busy, busy, busy for the last week, but oh-so-fun. Four of my Grandchildren were here for almost five whole days. We saw two great movies ( Planes Fire and Rescue, and How To Train Your Dragon II). I recommend them highly, even if you don't have a child to be your excuse to see them. Fun and wonderful movies. We had movie marathons here at Nana's house too. We hiked among the giant redwoods with a picnic following. We visited with the giant gold nugget in a vault at a local winery. No scores were kept, but we played miniature golf. Root beer floats, ice cream sundaes and candy were so yummy. I'm going to miss those kidlets until I see them again.

This morning I'm going to the lake to swim with a friend, and then I'll get busy with the next project.  Sorry this is so short, but it's only summer for a little while...

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