Sunday, August 10, 2014


My goal with this blog is to post frequently about my adventures with my obsessions, as I call them. I also like to post about my family, as they are my reason for living. Sometimes I become so busy that I just don't have time to post. I want to put something on my blog multiple times a week. Sometimes that doesn't happen, and I'm sorry. I've been very, very busy for the last week, and away from home.

I try to spend some time every day stitching. Either quilting, or knitting. Right now, I'm diligently working on my Birdsong quilt blocks. I want to finish them so that I can start on a quilt using Di Fords book, Primarily Quilts...19th Century Inspirations. These photos are not mine, they are photos that I found using Google of Di Ford quilts.


 I've made a discovery. Something you probably already know if you are a quilter. Fabric styles have changed. I don't think my choices have. There was a quilt shop that carried fabric that I loved and used, and most of my stash consists of. Unfortunately for me, they have gone out of business. I've visited many quilt shops, and I just can't find my fabric style. Then I remembered something that a nun taught me in high school. I can't remember who, and I can't remember why the subject came up. She said that the reason a lot of older people are grumpy and out of touch, is because they refuse to change with the times. Everything changes, and life goes on. I don't want to become one of those grumpy people. I may be getting older, and if you are lucky, you are getting older as well. I'm going to expand my fabric choices, but not for the Di Ford quilts. They need reproduction fabrics, don't you think? I'm going to have to break one of my self-imposed rules and buy fabric online. 

Oh, and one of the reasons that I was away from home this week, is that I was being diagnosed with a third autoimmune disease. It's not going to stop me though. I am my fathers daughter, and I don't give up. Ever...

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