Saturday, August 16, 2014


Don't ask me why, but it's four o'clock in the morning and I have been awake for hours. It happens every once in a while, and rather than toss and turn in my soft nest of a bed, I'm awake and writing this oh-so-interesting story of how I organized some of the chaos in my life. I'll be right back... I think I better go brew a cup of tea. Cinnamon toast sounds perfect too.

Yesterday while on my ordinary morning walk, I pulled out my phone and used one of those list making apps for the first time. I probably would have been better off not to have discovered it. I must have stopped my speedy power walking about ten times to add "to do" items to a list, and must have items to a shopping list. It's a good thing that I really don't know how to use most of the apps on my phone. I'd play with it for hours and never have time for anything else. As a consequence I not only cleaned, but had a little teeny shopping trip to my favorite yarn store.

The good news of my list making is that it reminded me to finish organizing some of those unfinished projects that have been buried in various boxes and bags throughout my sewing room. When I got home from my walk, I unearthed my unfinished projects, and placed them in individual extra-large Hefty ziplock bags. The stash yarn is all in one very large plastic storage box, and the bagged-up projects are all in another storage box.

I may have spent the morning sorting and cleaning and doing errands, but I had a very quiet and fun afternoon and evening. Two friends and I went to tea in the afternoon, and the evening I spent in a favorite chair knitting a new Noro cowl. I love Noro yarn. Seriously obsessed with it. In fact I found a bright, colorful Noro sweater pattern and yarn that just may have made its way home with me. Because I need another project don't you think?


  1. Always need one more project! I love the sock in your photo's, I am determined to teach myself how to knit socks before the end of the year! Sorry to hear you were having a sleepless night, sometimes you are better not fighting it but doing as you have done, have a cup of tea and some toast. I had forgotten all about cinnamon toast! It's so delicious! X

  2. Thank you, Penny, but it isn't a sock. It's an unfinished mitten. It's still missing not only it's partner, but a thumb. Hopefully I can finish it for what I hope is a cold and snowy winter.