Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bee Day At My House

 Bee is at my house today. I have a few minutes before my friends arrive. I've been cleaning since Sunday, and I spent all day yesterday baking. I made two kinds of cookies and apple cider donuts. I always make the donuts at this time of year for my friends. They are very, very bad for you. Little baked muffins that are dipped in melted butter and tossed in cinnamon sugar. See what I mean? My friends love them, and look forward to them. You can't eat kale and drink green juice all the time. As for all the cleaning, when you live with Golden Retrievers, there is a lot of extraneous hair. It needs to be removed before my friends arrive with their fabric and yarn. I don't think they would be very happy to weave my best friends hair into their projects. Do you?

I'm sure we will have fun. We will catch up on all the news and gossip and work on our projects with a little tea and dessert break. After they go home, it only takes me about a half an hour to clean up. Then I'll be watching the World Series. Go Giants!


  1. I like the light fixture over the dining room table. I have never seen anything like it.

  2. What a lovely welcoming home you have! I would love to come over for some crafting and cakes! X