Monday, October 27, 2014


Mother Nature is putting on her yearly show. A show that I look forward to all year long. As much as I love stormy weather, I'm sort of glad when the storms don't hit too early, because the wind and rain knock the flaming leaves off of the maples before I'm done looking at them. Don't you just wish that these beauties could stay a bit longer? Just a bit, because if they were always like this, I think we would stop seeing their beauty.

My husband is the gardener of the family. He has planted and taken care of our maples, and this year was a huge challenge. We were on major water restrictions because of our drought, but he was able to keep our garden alive. It wasn't nearly as lush as usual, but these flaming maples are as pretty as they could be.

I've finished a knit wrap, and as soon as I weave in the ends and block it into shape I'll play "Show and Tell".