Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Birdsong Quilt Top

I've just spent the morning before a "Storm Of The Decade" crawling around the floor pinning the top of my completed Birdsong quilt. It seems in the past ten years, that the weather people are always expecting the sky to fall, and it never does. So, I bought extra batteries in case of a power failure, and that's the end of my preparation. I hope that they're correct about a lot of rain. 

My only other preparation would require the power to remain on. I've pinned the three layers of the Birdsong quilt together to start basting. I baste by hand, just like I quilt by hand. I like doing it. I love the way it turns out, and most of all I love that I've included a bit of myself in every stitch. Someday when I'm gone, my family will look at my art and know that I thought of them while I worked. 

Anyway, I need the light to see my stitches, and even to pull the pins out. So, if I can see, i have a project to work on. It will take me all winter to do the quilting, and if we get snow, I will be warm and cozy while working on my quilt. I use a hoop, so the quilt is on my lap. Such a perfect winter project. 

Happy stormy weather everyone. I hope you are surrounded by warmth and family.


  1. Your birds are in colors other than I would expect and I like them very much.

  2. What a lovely, evocative post Michelle, I love your phrase about your family connecting with you through your art when you are no longer here. Just beautiful X