Monday, December 8, 2014


I certainly hope I didn't startle you, because I'm writing a new post this fine cool morning. We are getting prepared for a large storm later this week. The all knowing weather people are telling us to prepare for five to possibly ten inches of rain, very heavy wind, falling trees and power outages. I spent the summer praying for rain, and I think it worked. I have books to read, and projects to work on, but those may have to wait if we have no lights. I bought myself a little book light that fastens to my book, and has a battery, so I'm good to go.

We had such a wonderful time with all of our children and grandchildren over Thanksgiving. Turkey and pie and fun kids. Nothing could be better. Family is such a blessing, and we gave thanks for all of them.

I've finished the top of my Birdsong applique quilt. I'm planning to go shopping for backing and batting today. Next post I will show you the completed top. So exciting... If you aren't totally sick of the Sugar Kisses quilt, I can also show you photos of the new squares I'm stitching.

 Guess what? I had to order my quilting thread, because no quilt shop in my area sells hand quilting thread any longer. They informed me that "No one hand quilts any longer". Well guess what? I do, and so do my friends. What would we do without computers?

Speaking of my friends, it was my turn to be the hostess for "Bee" last Wednesday. I  am always the hostess the week after Thanksgiving. It's my encouragement to get all of the Christmas decorations out and set up. It's a quick transformation from autumn and Thanksgiving to Christmas. 

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  1. I love your Christmas tree, and have a serious case of 'crockery envy' as I spy Spode 'Christmas tree' plates on your table! X