Monday, March 10, 2014

Sad and Bad News

Don't you hate it when bloggers seem to disappear? I so do not like it! I read the same blogs every day. I know when new posts will appear, and what days they will not appear. Then there's me. The not so consistent blogger. Sometimes I'm here, and sometimes I just sort of fade away. I usually have a reason, even if I don't blog about it. I thought I should fill you in...

First the good news. 
I went to Disneyland again with my son and his family. We had an annual pass, and our year was coming to an end, so we had one last trip. Our hotel was very nice, and the company was perfect. You just can't have a better trip than to go to Disneyland with four grandchildren, and see the magic through their eyes. I will treasure it forever, and hope that we can go again!

Now the sad news. My husbands Mother passed away. I don't care how old we are, but losing a mom is just so sad. My Mother-In-Law was such an inspiration to me. In every way, but mostly in the way she loved and cared for her family. She helped me learn to quilt as well, and left her quilts behind in a colorful reminder of her quiet joy. I'll never forget when I was a very new quilter. Before rotary cutters existed. I decided to make my parents a double wedding ring quilt for their fortieth anniversary, with very little time. I pieced the whole top very carefully. When it was time to quilt it, my husbands Mom came over to my house every morning for two weeks and stayed all day helping me quilt it. We sat around a quilt frame that my Father-In-Law made for me. We put every stitch in that gift for my parents. The biggest gift was to me. Spending time with Marion. I will love and miss her every day.

Now for the just plain old stinky bad news. I have a torn rotator cuff and a slap tear in my right shoulder. I am right handed. Very right handed. I have to have surgery. I have no choice, and I can't get out of it. I've put it off for a year, but the time is now. Next Wednesday, the nineteenth I'm having it repaired. I will be in a sling for six weeks, and rehabbing my shoulder for at least six months. Quite frankly, I am scared to death. It's supposed to be painful surgery, but I'll manage. I'm mostly afraid of not getting the full use of my arm and hand back. 

Then there's the thought of NO KNITTING or QUILTING... 
I'm not sure I can do this.