Thursday, May 29, 2014


We have an epidemic of these little lovelies going around my "Bee". It happens often. One of us will find an adorable little, portable project that is easily transported to our weekly meeting. She will be quietly stitching away, and the rest of us are soon surrounding and asking. What is it? Oh- it's Noro yarn, and we all just love Noro yarn. The self striping-color changing-surprise that is in every little ball. 

I'm so happy to just be knitting! Especially this adorable little, lacy chevron scarf.

...and I've actually been reading. It was impossible while on pain killers, but I'm looking at those in the rear view mirror. I've finished a few books. One I didn't like at all, so it's not worth mentioning. I've ordered a few used goodies from Amazon that I've wanted for a few years. I figure if I've wanted them for that long, then I better buy them while I still can. Besides, who can resist a book for a penny? Not me!

I think I'll be right out in this chair, with a glass of frosty iced tea this afternoon. I just love this time of year, before it gets too hot to be outside.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cotton Candy Pink

I have been doing fiber therapy. Not fabric therapy yet, but I expect to try that this weekend. It still counts though, because it involves fiber and color and painting with thread. Right?

I have always loved embroidered pillow cases. I haven't ever wanted to take the time out of my quilting, appliqueing and knitting time to make any though. You have to pick your addictions. I have been very sick and tired of sitting and watching television. Did you know that even though we get hundreds of channels and have big screens to watch them on, most of what is on is garbage. Anyway, back to my stitching...

I finished embroidering some cute, cotton candy pink pillow cases for summer. Nothing difficult. Just an iron on transfer, purchased pillow cases and pretty thread. My Mother was VERY proficient at counted cross stitch, and when she passed away I inherited her many boxes of embroidery floss. I am so happy to use some of it. The only other thing I've used it on is for sweater construction. In a class I took, we were instructed to use full thickness (six strands) of embroidery floss for sewing sweaters together. Nice and strong stitches.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Green Rain

I've been awake since about three a.m.. Not on purpose though. I think that there was thunder and lightening and my best friend Montana was afraid, so he jumped up on my side of the bed, panting and very nervous. I laid there for awhile listening, and didn't hear a thing, but I believe Montana. So, I got out of my warm bed and scuffed out to the kitchen to turn on the tea kettle. I'm going to start collecting Emma Bridgewater pottery mugs. I have one. It's to celebrate the birth of the baby Prince George. It says "Hooray For George" on one side, and "It's A Prince" on the other. I order my mugs from my "girlfriend", Susan Branch. She is the wonderful, inspirational, FUN, artist and author. She has written some of my favorite books, and also writes my favorite blog. So, I visited her blog yesterday, because a little bird told me that she had new Emma pottery on sale that you can purchase from her blog, and purchase I did. I'm now waiting anxiously for my new pottery mug, and I think I can now call it a collection!

Oh, and I forgot the royal birthday...

I live with pine tree forests, and this time of year they are sending their green pollen billowing and floating everywhere. We see it in whirlpools blowing in the afternoon breeze. It is covering the deck pillows and railings. My front porch is decidedly greenish. We are also in the midst of our worse drought ever and actually may run out of water this summer. I'm tired of talking about it already, but I will say this... Bring on the rain today!

I'll be sitting and trying my hand at some applique this misty morning. Let's see if I can do it. Oh, and I'll be drinking tea all day, because I think I'm going to be a little tired. There may be a nap...

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I'm back!

Let me tell you something my friends. Take very good care of your shoulders, because shoulder surgery is beyond not fun. My surgery was two months ago today. My surgery that was supposed to be two hours long turned into a five hour long ordeal because the damage was much worse than anticipated. I've been without my immobilizer for two and a half weeks, and off of heavy duty pain killers for a few days. I can't carry anything with my right hand yet that is heavier than a coffee cup. I still do not have my full range of motion back yet. I spent six weeks living in my sewing room on my recliner, because I couldn't lay down in bed. My husband had to do everything for me and I'm just so grateful. 

I have embroidered two pillow cases. 

I have started knitting a new Noro scarf.

I want to finish the hand quilting on Sugar Kisses, but I can't turn the hoop that I hand quilt in yet. I'm not sure I should be even lifting that much weight.

Oh, and I lost ten pounds, but don't worry, they are slowly sneaking back! Our son and his wife and children came for a Mothers day brunch, and I baked. And ate...

Hopefully I will never mention my shoulder again. I'll try..

The peony's are blooming!